DENVER (CBS4) – Investigators are still looking for the person who opened fire during the 4/20 celebration at Denver’s Civic Center Park.

Three people were shot Saturday during the pot party. The burst of gunfire had thousands of people scattering in fear.

The Denver Police Department’s Gang Unit is handling the investigation.

Rev. Leon Kelly, leader of an anti-gang organization, says the shooting during the 4/20 rally was predictable. He says tensions in gang neighborhoods are already high and they spilled over in the park. He says the violence wasn’t between rival gangs.

Kelly says the shooting was violence between members of the same gang and Denver investigators agree.

“Over the last number of months you had friction between in-house battles, Crips on Crips,” Kelly said.

Nobody was seriously injured in the shooting, but they could have been. Half a dozen shots were fired off in a crowd of thousands. It’s the same kind of shooting where a stray bullet killed Denver Police Officer Celina Hollis last summer. Kelly says the crowd and whoever else could be hit wasn’t a consideration for the shooter. He said there’s not much police could do to stop it.

Celena Hollis (credit: Denver Police)

Celena Hollis (credit: Denver Police)

“What could they do? What could they do? Everyone here is complaining about resources,” Kelly said.

Police initially listed two suspects in the shooting. One man in a video that was released to the media was listed as a person of interest, but police released him after he came in for questioning. The shooter is still on the run.

No arrest has been made, but sources close to the investigation say police are close.

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