DENVER (CBS4)– A prison escapee who disappeared from the Denver jail on Sunday night is back in police custody.

Felix Trujillo surrendered to officers near 50th and Federal Blvd. just before 2 p.m. Wednesday. Police made the announcement at a news conference an hour later.

“Today we received some information through a third party that Felix Trujillo wanted to turn himself in. He was taken into custody,” said Denver Police Cmdr. Ron Saunier.

“We are relieved that Felix Trujillo is back in custody,” said Denver Sheriff Gary Wilson.

VIDEO: Watch DPD News Conference on Trujillo

Police said Trujillo had help escaping from the inside.

Denver Deputy Matthew Andrews is accused of helping Trujillo by providing a sheriff’s jacket, pants, hat and utility belt, which allowed the prisoner to masquerade as a deputy and walk out of the facility.

“We continue to review our policies and our procedures and our training to make sure this issue or this problem will never happen again,” said Wilson. “We take these issues very seriously and I can tell you as head of the agency I am very disturbed over this situation.

Sources have told CBS4 that from there Andrews, 36, drove Trujillo, 24, to an area north of Denver and dropped him off.

Police would not elaborate if that location was near where Trujillo turned himself in to police.

“We have him in custody. That is a great relief to us based on the crimes. We still have a lot of work to do. There will be a lot of warrants and information that will be coming out of this,” said Saunier.

Matthew Andrews (credit: Denver Police)

Matthew Andrews (credit: Denver Police)

The incident was the first escape from Denver’s new city jail, and Andrews says he was acting out of fear for his physical safety.

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Marilyn Annette Reeves is being held by Denver police in connection with Trujillo’s escape. Reeves was arrested Tuesday night and is being held at the Denver jail, and so far there’s been no explanation about how she may have helped Trujillo out or what her relationship is to him.

Marilyn Annette Reeves (credit: Denver Police)

Marilyn Annette Reeves (credit: Denver Police)

“There could be more arrests to come for those who were out there assisting him that were working on hiding him. We’re going to be looking at the entire picture in this case,” said Saunier.

Andrews has been with the Denver Sheriff’s Department for two years but served as a prison guard for the Colorado Department of Corrections from 2007 through 2011. He is out of jail on $10,000 bond but is due back in court April 22.

Trujillo has a lengthy criminal record and it’s not known when his first court appearance in this case will be.


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