DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado’s Department of Corrections is significantly tightening procedures surrounding electronic monitoring of parolees after parolee Evan Ebel removed his electronic monitoring device before he is suspected of killing Tom Clements, Executive Director of the Department of Corrections and Nathan Leon, a young father.

CBS4 has learned that all parole department employees were notified late Sunday that effective immediately, when there is a notification that an electronic monitor might have been tampered with, parole officers will be immediately notified and will have to take numerous steps to insure the offender is not on the run.

In the Ebel case, it took days before a parole officer attempted to track down Evan Ebel. The new steps appear designed to avoid another time lag.

Evan Ebel (credit: Department of Corrections)

Evan Ebel (credit: Department of Corrections)

Now, after being notified of a “strap tamper,” offenders will be immediately required to remain in their residence indefinitely. They will be placed on a 24/7 hold and offenders will be notified to immediately call their parole officer.

Under the new guidelines, parole officers will now have to respond within two hours to the last known address of the offender. If its believed an offender has violated parole and cannot be located, a warrant shall be requested from the Parole Board within 24 hours of the initial tamper alert notification.

In the Ebel case, it was days before a warrant was requested for his arrest.

Tim Hand, Director of Adult Parole, told parole employees “These steps are necessary to address the public safety needs of the citizens of the State of Colorado.”

– Written by Brian Maass for


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