DENVER (CBS4)– It was a tough battle for Denver firefighters as they tried to get control of a burning tractor trailer that was located inside a warehouse Wednesday morning.

The tractor trailer was burning inside a warehouse located at 47th and Vasquez. The warehouse is owned by Wabash Trailers International. The company repairs large trailers like the one that was burning.

The size of the building and the combustible materials inside meant there was a lot of damage from the fire. The flames also spread quickly.

“Upon arrival the fire sprinkler system was activated which did help supress the system but because there were large vehicles in there and the nature of the combustilbes in there it immediately overwhelmed that sprinkler system so the fire did actually burn through the roof,” said Denver Fire Chief Eric Tade.

No one was injured in the blaze.

Crews continued to mop up hot spots on the roof after they extinguished the fire. Firefighters worked to make sure there were no flames still burning in hidden spaces in the building.

Investigators continued to work to try to figure out what caused the fire.