FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – It’s down now, but students at a Fort Collins high school say a Facebook page led to a weekend of bullying for some students. While the page is gone, plenty of questions remain about punishment.

The cyberbullying page on Facebook sparked a police investigation and anger from high school students. The Facebook page targeted female students and included a lot of graphic content, including vicious and personal attacks.

The page started over the weekend and within hours of being up had hundreds of “likes.” Fossil Ridge sophomore Sierra Koch knows one of the girls who was targeted.

“My one friend was really angry. She texted her other friend, crying,” Koch said.

Fossil Ridge students said school staff didn’t address the issue, but the weekend of cyberbullying was well-known in school.

“People post stupid pictures on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean other people have to make fun of them even more,” Koch said.

The Poudre Valley School District says they’ve met with some of the victims, but nobody has been punished.

“Because we do not know the identity of the author or authors of the pages and posts, we cannot take action,” the district said in a statement.

Fort Collins police say they are unsure anything criminal happened in the posts. Fort Collins resident Emma Payton says more needs to be done to catch the authors.

“I think the harm is that they’re going to see this isn’t being taken care of and they won’t see that these people are being reprimanded and they’ll think it’s okay,” Payton said.

A response page has been set up on Twitter called the “FRHS Beautiful Girls.” As of Monday night it had about 200 “likes.”


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