DENVER (CBS4)– Up to 16 inches of snow fell in some parts of the Denver metro area over the weekend. With temperatures staying below freezing for a few days side streets could stay icy for a while.

People were out shoveling on Sunday after a spring storm dumped several inches of snow.

The chilly weather that accompanied the storm is going to stick around for a few days which means those side streets that aren’t plowed will stay snowpacked and icy.

“We just focus on the main streets for this storm and they’ll continue doing that,” said Denver Public Works spokeswoman Christine Downs.

The idea is that what is left over from spring storms usually melts right away.

“In March it’s going to be warmer, it’s going to melt so the sun facilitates a little of that and we don’t necessarily need to plow if it’s going to melt within a day,” said Downs.

The forecast calls for temperatures to stay below freezing until Tuesday.

Regardless of the inconvenience the latest spring snow blast is well worth it according to Denver Water spokesperson, Travis Thompson. He said Denver is still far behind the snow totals we need.

“Unfortunately, the water we rally on comes from the mountains and our mountain snowpack right now is extremely low,” said Thompson.

Right now snowpack for Denver is 12 percent lower than normal.

“We would need about eight more feet of snow in the mountains to get us back to more of a normal state,” said Thompson.

Beginning April 1 Denver Water customers will be under Stage 2 water restrictions which limits watering to just twice per week on designated days.


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