DENVER (CBS4) – From the roller derby to “The Amazing Race,” two Denver metro area women are making their mark as local celebrities.

They’re known as the roller derby moms, and they’re still going strong on “The Amazing Race,” seen on CBS4. CBS4’s Lane Lyon caught up with them Sunday as they gave a few pointers on the track.

It takes guts and a little grit to lace up and be part of the Roller Girls 5280 Fight Club, but how about going around the world competing on “The Amazing Race?”

“I think we were great with everything physical. That part didn’t really bother us too much. It was just being stressed and out of your element and going all of the time. That part was a little trickier than we thought,” roller derby mom Mona Egender said.

Egender and Beth Bandimere are two metro area mothers watching their amazing adventure play out on the show.

“We liked everybody, really. But it was always in the back of your head that those people are a wall between you and a million dollars,” Bandimere said.

Producers were drawn to the women because of their passion for roller derby. They agreed to show CBS4’s Alan Gionet, a former hockey player, just what it takes to be in the middle of the action.

“The objective of the jammer is you’re going to make your way through the pack of girls and start making laps and scoring points,” Bandimere said. “The black team is going to be try to stop you.”

“They’re not going to stop me,” Gionet said.

Right out of the gate CBS4’s anchor is — well out of bounds. Things started to look pretty good — that is until the first hit. Gionet took a nice fall.

Roller derby is a contact sport with a serious following. From TV races to TV anchors, Egender and Bandimere are glad to share the sport they love.

The women are excited about an upcoming event at the Fillmore Auditorium. They will be on opposing teams. The event is April 6. For more information, visit


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