DENVER (CBS4)– They’ve been called the “Hole in the Roof” gang. The suspects break through the roof and then crack the safe. They’ve struck at least 10 times in southwest Denver in the past year. Police said they’re catching the suspects.

A Dollar Tree store has been targeted not once, but twice. The burglars forced open a vent, dropped a rope and went for the safe.

The group also struck at a coin laundry on Morrison Road. They removed a pipe from the ventilation system and were able to drop down inside.

“They get into another store and they broke into the safe. They took all the money,” said Morrison Road Coin Laundry employee Maria Medina.

The security camera was not running in the laundry as the thieves cut a hole in the safe.

The burglars also hit the business next door.

At Mi Pueblo Market on Knox Court the intruders were discovered inside. They had ransacked the office and got into three safes.

Edwin Castillo (credit: Denver Police)

Edwin Castillo (credit: Denver Police)

Police said they also paid a visit to the Indochina Market on South Federal.

“I believe they went in through the swamp cooler. They tried to come in this one but it was blocked by a gate so they came in the other entrance on the swamp cooler,” said Indochina Market owner Vinh Quach.

Jorge Orozco (credit: Denver Police)

Jorge Orozco (credit: Denver Police)

Police have arrested two suspects, Jorge Orozco and Edwin Castillo. Police spotted them while conducting surveillance and discovered burglary tools in their car along with a fresh break-in nearby.

Detectives do not believe the suspects are responsible for another hole-in-the-roof burglary at a gun store in Wheat Ridge.


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