DENVER (CBS4) – After hours of debate Friday night, the Democrat-controlled state House of Representatives gave initial approval to a package of gun control measures.

The four bills include limiting high-capacity magazines to 15 rounds, a ban on concealed weapons on public college campuses, expanded background checks that include private sales of guns, and making gun buyers pay for their background checks.

“Politicians? I don’t know what they use for brains but they sure don’t have the same brain cells I have,” said Jim Fox, owner The Blunderbuss gun shop in north Denver.

Fox is fired up over stronger gun control.

“I already have to collect sales tax and keep records of what sales tax goes to the state. This is going to add something else,” he said.

Fox says parts of the proposed legislation will hurt his bottom line.

“People paying for background checks is going to put a burden on the businessman,” Fox said. “I have to now take that money out of my till and send it to the state.”

Gun rights supporters at the Tanner Gun Show in Denver are fearing the worst.

“If you can’t defend yourself then you’re a target. Unfortunately, that’s the world we are in,” said gun advocate Chris Hoisington.

“My fear is that we turn into California, we turn into New York, and my freedoms are taken away completely,” said Edgar Antillion of “Guns for Everyone”.

Democratic State Rep. Beth McCann says her bill backing universal background checks for gun sales or transfers is a no-brainer.

“We will be weeding out people who shouldn’t have guns. It’s going to make a difference,” McCann said.

She says stronger gun control laws would only put more stress on the state, not Colorado businesses.

“It can be done by the Internet and by phone. It’s really not much of a burden of the seller of the gun, it’s more a burden to the Bureau of Investigation,” McCann said.

According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the backlog of background checks has now been cleared, making room for the volume expected from the gun show and perhaps the passing of the new legislation.