DENVER (CBS4) – A CBS4 employee recently tried to file her tax return electronically but it was rejected by the Internal Revenue Service, and she’s not alone.

If you are filing electronically this year, don’t send your taxes in just yet. The IRS says it needs additional time, courtesy of Congress and the fiscal cliff.

The delay is a direct result of Congress’ failure to reach a timely deal to avert the fiscal cliff back in December. But when a deal was finally reached on Jan. 1 — after the end-of-the-year deadline — it was too late for the IRS to meet its standard mid-January start date for e-filers because forms had to be updated reflecting new laws.

However, once you do file, make sure everything is correct on your return.

– Check to see that your name at the top of your tax return is correct. Misspelled or abbreviated names will delay your refund.

– Sign and date your return.

– Both spouses must sign joint even if only one had income to report.

– Send your tax return to the correct IRS processing center.

– If you owe, don’t attach your payment to the tax return. Send your payment with a 1040-V, which is a payment voucher.

The filing delay could create problems for low-income Americans who depend on their tax refunds for everything from late mortgage payments, late rent payments, extra fees, dings on credit, and at the very least, a longer wait for necessary purchases.

The IRS is accepting some forms, such as the 1040EZ. Call a certified public accountant to find out if you might be affected.


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