DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver police officer accused of driving 143 in a 55 mile-per-hour zone while intoxicated will not get his job back after being re-instated.

Officer Derrick Saunders was fired after he was stopped in June of 2012.

Saunders appealed to a Civil Service Commission hearing officer, who re-instated him. But on Wednesday, after the city appealed the ruling, the full commission upheld the original firing.

Manager of Safety Alex Martinez was the person who terminated Saunders the first time.

He issued this statement on Wednesday, “By frequently reversing poor decisions of hearing officers and thus allowing the city to fire irresponsible cops, the Civil Service Commission is aiding many outstanding police officers who work hard to improve the relationship between the people of Denver and their Police Department.”

Saunders first came under scrutiny for allegedly pulling a gun on a fast food employee in 2009. He met with more trouble a year later when he was arrested for drunk driving and speeding.


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