DENVER (CBS4)– As New Orleans gets ready to host the biggest football sporting event in the country, Denver is holding out hope it will someday be in the Big Easy’s shoes.

So far the only northern cities that have hosted the Super Bowl, including Detroit and Minneapolis, have domed stadiums.

Denver would be a big departure from that practice since it can be cold and snowy in February.

A recent game at Sports Authority Field where the Broncos lost the AFC Divisional Playoff to the Baltimore Ravens during frigid temperatures seemed to broadcast to the nation why you don’t want to play an important game in bad weather.

When asked about having the possibility of playing a Super Bowl in those freezing cold conditions, Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco didn’t hold back.

“I think it’s retarded. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say that, I think it’s stupid,” said Flacco.

It wasn’t long before Denver’s weather was milder with temperatures in the 60s, not unusual for January in the Mile High City.

“This coming Super Bowl Sunday it’s predicted in our forecast to be 60 degrees. Those of us who live here know that it can be that kind of weather in February,” said Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.

Despite some cold snaps, Denver does meet the NFL weather requirements for the Super Bowl.

The NFL won’t invite cities to bid on the big game until the league’s fall meetings in October.

“If we are allowed to bid we’ll put it through,” said Visit Denver spokesman Richard Scharf.

“You can bet that the Broncos and the city will work together on how we keep improving that stadium,” said Hancock.

This Sunday, watch Super Bowl XLVII on CBS4 at 4:30 p.m.


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