Written by Dr. Dave Hnida, CBS4 Medical EditorOr maybe not. At least according to this great, new “myth busting” study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

In the study, researchers debunked 10 myths about weight loss. Myths they say have been spread by books, magazines, and media, and therefore have left the public misinformed.

They say there is no, or limited, research to back up these beliefs, so everyone falls for them.

I’m going to hit you with a few of the so-called myths — then tell you a little “secret” about the study … and specifically the researchers.

1. Skipping breakfast causes you to eat more later in the day. They say myth.

2. Breast feeding lessens risk of obesity. They say myth.

3. Setting large weight loss goals dooms you to failure. They say myth.

4. Losing weight slow and gradually is better than a crash diet. They say myth.

5. Small changes in diet and exercise eventually lead to weight loss. They say myth.

6. Sex  burns up enough calories to make it an effective weight loss tool. They say myth.

OK, I stopped at No. 6. I can’t go on even though this group of researchers have published this in one of the most prestigious medical journals in America. They say myth, myth, myth.

I say maybe the study is, in part, a myth.

The researchers also had to publish their potential conflict of interests with their “myths” — it was a full half page long of fine print.

Most had ties to prepackaged or meal-replacement products or weight loss drugs.

What is this!?!?!? You can’t have ties to the food or diet industry and then say lifestyle stuff doesn’t work. I wasn’t on board with this highly opinionated study — although it got a lot of headlines.

So, bottom line: ignore it. Especially the sex part. A decent lovemaking session can burn up 100-300 calories. A great … and enjoyable way to lose weight, especially if you do it in moderation on a regular basis.

Which would you rather have — intimacy or a prepackaged meal?

Thanks “researchers.”

Case closed.


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