LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – The widow of the Lakewood police officer killed in what police described as a friendly fire incident is reacting to this week’s decison on charges in the case.

Tami Davies, the wife of James Davies, is upset the officer who shot and killed him accidentally on Nov. 9 won’t face any charges.

Davies told CBS4 through a statement that she expected criminal charges and is disappointed the Jefferson County District Attorney didn’t pursue that. The DA announced his decision on Wednesday.

In a memorial service for Davies hundreds of officers from around the state honored the life of Davies alongside Tami and the couple’s two young children. Davies was a six year veteran of the department and was assigned to a special enforcement team.

Officer D.J. Braley was the officer who fired the bullet. In a 47 page letter the DA determined Braley’s actions “did not involve criminal conduct.”

A portion of an interview with Braley after the incident was included in the letter. Braley stated he yelled “Police, drop the gun. Drop the gun.” But the person he saw through a fence started to raise his gun in Braley’s direction.

The letter also states that when another officer on the scene approached the body they noticed a police patch on the man’s jacket and said “No. No. No.”

Braley remains on paid leave from the department.

The Lakewood Police Department now must conduct an internal investigation. A committee has also been put together to review police procedures and policy.

There’s also the chance of a civil lawsuit.

Tami Davies’ complete statement is as follows:

“I am disappointed by the decision of the Jefferson County District Attorney not to criminally prosecute those responsible for the death of my husband. My family wishes only that justice be achieved and that fair decisions be made by the authorities.”

Davies was the first officer to be killed in the 43-year history of the Lakewood Police Department.


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