DENVER (CBS4) – Many people who plan on being glued to their TVs on Super Bowl Sunday may be thinking about buying a new set. So 4 On Your Side Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll found a man who knows what brands will last the longest.

For most consumers the motto for TV screens is “bigger is better.” But shoppers need to make sure the brand they buy is better and reliable.

“Things don’t last as long as they used to,” Coach Kopp said.

Kopp has been repairing TVs for decades. He and his crew have specific brands they say are the most reliable.

“That would be Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony and LG,” Kopp said.

He suggests avoiding brands that are only made overseas because getting parts for those is nearly impossible.

“When you buy a major brand TV, they make extra parts for those TVs. And whether you need to get it fixed under warranty, or need to get it fixed later down the line, three or four years later, you can usually get a part for it,” Kopp said.

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Many think purchasing an extended warranty on the TV isn’t cost effective, but Kopp disagrees.

“They are cost effective nowadays because they’re very reasonable,” he said. “You go to, say, Sam’s Club and buy a TV from them, you can pick up a warranty for less than $100, sometimes less than $50. The cost for a service call nowadays is $90 to $150 depending on who you call.”

In screen size, larger comes with some little-known advantages.

“A 50-inch TV, every manufacturer has an in-home warranty … we come to your home.” Kopp said.

Another way to avoid TV troubles is to use a surge protector, which cost anywhere from $30 to $50. They keep the power consistent to the TV so the main board doesn’t malfunction.

Kopp recommends avoiding a floor model or unknown brand. And be weary of purchasing a used TV online.

Comments (2)
  1. Darren says:

    Ya, well our Panasonic lasted less then 2 years! This was our first big jump from Tube TV that was 15 years old!. We were all excited to get our first flat screen LCD TV, and now its just a big paper weight!

  2. Big D says:

    Extended warranties are a waste of money. Use a major credit card such as Visa or Master Card and it will double the manufactures warranty.

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