DENVER (CBS4) – Many people who plan on being glued to their TVs on Super Bowl Sunday may be thinking about buying a new set. So 4 On Your Side Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll went out shopping for TVs across the metro area.

McCarroll found out what people watch may determine what they should buy.

Before every Super Bowl Sunday people run out to buy the perfect TV, and every year there are more and better high-tech choices.

“I figured if I have a brand new TV all my friends will want to come by and watch the game with me,” a man told McCarroll.

Apparently one’s popularity is often based on size.

“People are coming in for the Super Bowl for big TVs,” Trent Ottoson with Best Buy said. “We’re talking were talking 60, 70, 80 inch TVs. If you’re going to have a party it’s all about the big set.”

And consumers want their TVs on a diet.

“Thin is in this year,” Ottoson said.

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Prices start at $1,000, which may seem like a lot, but it’s substantially lower than the average price was even a year ago. And these high-tech wonders do more.

“Web apps, you can stream Netflix, Pandora, Hulu for your television with Wi-Fi built in,” Ottoson said. “They also have faster motion processors so things don’t look blurry on the TV.”

Football fans like the faster motion processors so their touchdowns and their tackles are crystal and sometimes painfully clear, as Broncos fans witnessed against the Ravens.

LED TVs are brighter, plasmas handle fast motion better but appear less vibrant. Some would suggest plasmas for football and LEDs for National Geographic specials. LEDs have internal lighting around the sides. Plasmas are glass screens with tubes of gas inside.

In theory, the prices are down.