AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Four people, including an armed suspect who may have been high on methamphetamine, died during an hours-long police standoff Saturday at a Colorado townhome, authorities said.

The gunman has been identified as Sonny Archuleta, 33. The other victims have been identified as Archuleta’s sister-in-law, Stacie Philbrook and her boyfriend, Chris Ratliffe; and Archuleta’s father-in-law, Anthony Ticali.

It is not clear whether Archuleta turned the gun on himself or was killed by the SWAT team.

CBS4’s Nina Sparano spoke with a close, personal friend of Ticali’s, who said she’d like to get more information from police about what happened in the townhome.

“I knew Anthony better than any of them and he loved his son-in-law very much,” Melissa Wright said. “I really find it hard to believe that this would happen.”

After moving next door, Wright developed a close friendship with Ticali.

“That man could quote the Bible word for word,” she said. “He told me he would wake up at 5 a.m. every morning and read the Bible, and he would.”

Wright says Ticali loved his family, loved God and had a passion for music.

“He would be our block party deejay out here. It was always fun for everybody.”

Now living next to a crime scene, Wright says she hopes investigators can find some answers.

“It’s important to find out if there’s a motive and why something this terrible would happen.”

Police remain tight-lipped about the investigation and will not release any new information about Archuleta’s motive, the victims, or the type of weapon that was used in the crime. For Wright, any answers will come too little too late.

“Why never answers anything. Why didn’t help those kids out in Connecticut, it doesn’t help the people at the theater,” Wright said. “It doesn’t help at all. All it does is raise more questions. I just hope they rest in peace.”

It won’t likely be until at least Monday that investigators and the Arapahoe County coroner reveal any new information about the case.

After spending the past two days in the neighborhood many friends and neighbors of Sonny Archuletta told CBS4 they suspect drugs may have been involved in the shooting, but so far that is hearsay.

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