DENVER (CBS4)– Organizers of the first marijuana club in Denver are promising more events to come after their premiere event on New Year’s Eve.

Club 64 takes its name from the amendment legalizing small amounts of pot in Colorado for those 21 years and older.

“Club 64 is a gathering of individuals in a free country who like to exercise their constitutional rights together,” said the attorney for Club 64 Robert Corry. “Which the voters of Colorado wisely gave us.”

At the first cannabis club in Denver, members pay a $30 fee and can bring their own marijuana or share with someone else. Marijuana is not sold at the club.

“It’s 100 percent legal because Amendment 64 is absolutely explicit that adults have the right to associate with each other and exercise their constitutional rights,” said Corry.

Police in Denver said they have no plans to do anything about the club.

“The interesting thing about marijuana is it’s more fun because the government says, ‘Don’t do it.’ Just like anything the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest,” said Corry. It’s larger than pot, it’s about basic freedom.”

Corry expects establishments like Club 64 will become a common sight across Colorado and eventually the U.S.

“I think it’s a good idea, I don’t want to own this idea. I think many others will imitate this idea and I hope that happens,” said Corry.


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