DENVER (CBS4) – A grassroots event to help the homeless in Denver on Christmas Day has grown in each of the four years that it has been around.

In the event, which is unofficially titled “Christmas in the Park,” people feeling the holiday spirit are encouraged to bring a card table to Civic Center Park in Downtown Denver and to lay out items they plan to hand out free to the homeless. The event is loosely coordinated through an email chain.

“We just spread the word and tell people ‘Christmas is not about you getting presents. It’s about passing out some love,’ ” said Jerry Herships, founding pastor of After Hours Denver, a United Methodist church that operates in Denver taverns. “It’s families, it’s churches, it’s individuals, it’s bar owners.”

Gene, one of the people who lined up to accept the generous gifts being handed out, said he was happy to have “so much unexpected help.”


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