Every week during CBS4’s Football Preview show Gary Miller answers questions from fans. Below are this week’s questions and Gary’s answers.

Marion: Gary, have the Broncos ever beaten all the other teams in their division both times they’ve met during the season? I don’t remember if they’ve even had a clean sweep.

GM: Marion, they have back in 1998 when the Broncos won their first 13 games out of the gate then lost a couple and finally won the season finale against Seattle. Now, remember in those days the Seahawks were in the AFC West so the Broncos had to beat four teams to sweep the division and they went 8-0. That was back in 1998. Now things a little easier with just three other opponents in the AFC West, if the Broncos beat Kansas City in the season finale it will be 6-0 this year against the West.

Patrick: Gary, I heard you were the reporter who asked Peyton about playing in the rain in Baltimore. Did he give you a hard time since it didn’t rain?

GM: Patrick, I have no idea who told you that but let’s assume it was true. Maybe. Yeah, Peyton did kid me after the game but he claimed I had told him it was a 70 percent chance of rain but the truth is, whoever asked the question — and I’m not admitting it was me — should have remembered when Manning and the Colts won the Super Bowl they did it in a downpour. So obviously throwing a wet football doesn’t bother them very much. Last time I’m going to ask him about the weather, although I am not saying it was me.

Anonymous: Gary, so what gifts are you getting for the hard working Chevy Football Preview staff for Christmas this year?

GM: Of course I have a policy I don’t answer anonymous questions but this time I will make an exception. As I do every year I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about to get the staff. I mean, the perfect gift for the perfect crew. Cars, boats, exotic vacations. Sure I could do that. But I’ve come to the conclusion that the best thing I can do is look each person squarely in the eye and say, “Thank you for a job well done.” You know the best gift you can give a person is to let them know they are appreciated. So, thank you all, crew, and I mean it. (On a side note, it’s also a lot cheaper.)


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