DENVER (CBS4)– Colorado Senator Mark Udall is weighing in on the gun control debate in the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn. mass shooting.

“If we can save one child in the future from being killed in such a way, I’m ready to push those kinds of policies,” said Udall, a Democrat representing Colorado.

Udall said he supports a ban on assault weapons which was urged by President Obama this week.

“It’s time to take these weapons which are designed for the battlefield, used in war, off of our streets,” said Udall.

A wider-based background check system and mental health screening are also on his list. Udall cites both the tragedy in Connecticut and those close to home, the Aurora theater shooting and Columbine High School, as the necessity for action.

He said it can be done while protecting gun Second Amendment rights. Gun rights activists don’t buy it.

“We’re concerned that they’re looking to advance their liberal agenda rather than addressing the real problems that are involved,” said Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Assoc. spokesman Luke O’Dell.

He said the conversation should start with re-evaluating gun-free zones, including schools.

“Certainly what happened in Newtown is a tragedy but the murderer is responsible for what happened, not law-abiding gun owners,” said O’Dell.


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