TABERNASH, Colo. (CBS4)– On this day, at 12 minutes after 12 on the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year in this century, two Colorado couples have something special to celebrate: nuptial bliss.

“It was the day I wanted to get married. I really liked it so whether we went to the courthouse or we came here we were going to get married today,” said newlywed Alecia Garza.

“We joked that we did this so we’re married before the world implodes on itself on the 21st, but no, that’s not really why we did it. Pretty much as soon as we met we knew we were going to get married,” said newlywed Lisa Klusner.

Tabernash is a small Colorado town between Fraser and Granby with a wide, open valley that looks out on snow-covered mountains.

Daniel and Alecia Garza have been on a long road to tie the knot. They started dating nine years ago.

“We’ve been engaged for four years. It’ll be five years in February,” said Alecia. “I just wanted it to be something intimate between the two of us.”

“I’ve always just wanted to give her what she wanted and we both really enjoy the mountains,” said Daniel.

It will be a date they will never forget.


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