FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – Bar-goers in Fort Collins will now notice changes when they try to get into their favorite spots — no longer will IDs simply be checked for a birth date.

Fort Collins has six bars that are teaming up with a new technology. Bar patrons give their ID to the bouncer, who will then scan it. At the same time a camera will automatically take the person’s picture.

All of the bars installing the cameras will be networked together, so if a bar patron caused some sort of disturbance at one of the six bars, the photo will appear at the other bars so the bouncer can refuse them service.

For bar owners and operators, it’s all about keeping everyone safe.

“Now business owners have a way to identify who that person is and let all of the other nearby businesses know, because nobody wants somebody who is likely to cause trouble to come into their bar,” Dawn Nannini with Team Fort Collins said.

The participating bars include Luscious Nectar, Washington’s, Tony’s, 100 Octane, Trailhead Bar and Steakout Bar.

For those concerned about privacy, only the bar that they are at can look at photos. All of the information collected gets purged after a few days. It only collects names and pictures — no other information.

The bars that have joined the program hope that more Fort Collins bars jump on board with the technology.


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