AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – An Aurora woman who was pinned beneath a car with her 2-year-old child remains in intensive care with broken bones and liver damage, but her condition is improving.

Her husband Alain Kalala talked with CBS4 on Thursday and said the children who were also hurt while they were all crossing the street are also doing much better.

Three of the family members — Kipinga Muanza Kalala, 37, Vic Muanza Kalala, 4, and Angela Muanza Kalala, 2 — were hit Monday night near Exposition and Abilene in Aurora. The driver is not being charged, as the family was crossing in a non-crosswalk area and in the middle of a block.

The fourth member of the family who was there, Vic’s twin brother Jack, told his dad he remembers leaving their day care center and starting their short walk home. After that he looked up and saw a car hit his mom, brother and sister.

Alain wasn’t there when the incident happened, and it hit him hard. Particularly when he saw Angela in the hospital.

“I cried because … she didn’t look good,” said Alain, who recently came to America from Africa.

Alain loves his new home in America, but he said he has never appreciated it more than when strangers helped save two of his family members. Off-duty officers and bystanders lifted the car off Angie and her mother.

“Helping you to save your life is like an angel,” he said.

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Now, with their mother still hospitalized, the three children don’t want to stray far from their father’s lap.

Angie has cuts and bruises all over her face and a burn on her leg. And Vic has a cut above his eye.

Alain said the family was walking home because their car had broken down.


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