DENVER (CBS4)– Police in Denver are worried about the growing number of cases of people impersonating police officer and other businesses over the phone.

This is how it usually happens: the unknown person and/or suspect calls a victim claiming to be a member of law enforcement or a business. The suspect then asks the victim for personal information including their social security number or date of birth.

That information is later used to commit identity theft or sold online for that purpose. Suspects are typically overseas but use various units and names within several police departments or businesses.

Police in Denver want everyone to know that these phone calls are scams.

One of the ways the suspects are gaining the confidence of the victim is by using a computer to alter their outgoing Caller ID to reflect the agency or business they are posing as.

Police in Denver want to remind everyone to never give out any personal information over the phone, including your social security number or credit card number unless you make the call.

When in doubt, tell the caller you will call them back, take down the number, then call your local police department to verify the call.


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