DENVER (CBS4) – For those out of work or looking for something new to do, 4 On Your Side Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll found six people pursuing their passions and making a lucrative living at the same time.

They are six-figure jobs most people might not have thought of.

Most people count the pages to make sure a printing job is complete, but one Denver man turned the printing business into a full-time career, and he works from his home. He’s just one of six people McCarroll profiled who are making six figures and loving what they do.

Shawn Preston has always loved magic and now makes a living tricking the human eye. He performs in clubs and at corporate functions across the country.

“I’ll tell people I’m a magician and they’ll say, ‘That’s cool, so what do you really do, what’s your day job?’ ” Preston said.

David Waldman is making magic of a different sort. His home business called Re-Ink refills used ink cartridges.

“I learned that everyone has got printers, everyone is looking for ways to cut cost,” Waldman said.

Long hours behind the wheel with miles of solitude can earn some big dollars for truckers, and these days companies are so desperate for drivers they’ll pay expenses to go to truck driving school.

Larry Rushton wanted an outdoor job, so he started Rushton Tree Service.

“We trim trees, remove trees, spray trees, plant trees,” Rushton said. “I never thought I could make a living.”

But he does and likes going to work outside every day.

Judie Roman talks non-stop about Mary Kay Cosmetics and has won 15 pink Cadillacs. She’s been making six figures selling the products since the 1990s.

Amy Toltz-Miller loves big gatherings.

“I’m a party girl. I love parties, I’m a party planner, I’m a wedding planner,” she said.

From flowers to table decorations to choosing bands and venues, Toltz-Miller takes charge and charges a pretty penny for her services.

“It’s a very upbeat business to be in,” she said.

Don’t be fooled by the six-figure jobs. Those McCarroll talked to say they work hard.

“My best day working for myself is a thousand times better than the best day working for someone else,” Waldman said.

“I get to make people laugh and smile and show people something amazing,” Preston said. “My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner.”

While most of us can’t make a living on magic, what it shows those looking for work is to look outside the box — perhaps at non-traditional jobs that we might really enjoy.


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