DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police say a man who was arrested after a woman was killed over the weekend will face first-degree murder charges.

Christopher Perea, 41, is suspected of killing his wife, Loretta Rosa, 44, inside a house in the 1500 block of South Carlan Court, near Ruby Hill on Denver’s southwest side.

Perea is being held in the Denver Jail.

Denver Police Chief Robert White has called for an investigation within the department to look into a prior call for help several hours before Rosa was murdered.

Rosa was a mother of five. Her sister, Phyllis Rosa, says police should have and could have protected Rosa.

“She ran to the neighbor and asked for help and the neighbor called the cops and nothing was done,” Phyllis Rosas said. “Now she’s dead.”

Denver police say they will investigate the timeline of events and calls to the house.

Family members say Perea and Rosa were married for less than a year.

homicide Police Say 41 Year Old Man Killed Woman In Denver Home

(credit: CBS)


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