DENVER (CBS4) – A new yoga studio in the Denver Tech Center has the backing and the blessing of Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl.

ONE Yoga offers traditional and power yoga, but it’s also focusing on helping cancer patients. Karl has struggled with cancer twice. He made an investment in the company because he believes in a kinder, gentler, balanced life.

“Focusing on breathing, focusing on meditation, on gentle movements will change your perspective,” said Sharif Sakr, who owns ONE Yoga with his wife Heather Knight.

ONE Yoga offers some classes just for cancer patients. That got the attention and the investment of their friend, Karl.

“Well, I think it’s a time in my life that, you know, learning to slow down, learning to get balance into your life,” Karl said. “I just think the traditional chemotherapy and radiation needs some other assistant coaches.”

The slow movements and stretching can help relieve anxiety and stress.

“I think sometimes our American world gets wild and crazy and too intense and too sarcastic and critical; and I think slowing down and maybe getting to that place where the real stuff comes forward,” Karl said.

The owners call the studio an “urban retreat” in the Denver Tech Center. Their mantra is “one yoga for all.”

Karl said he hopes to eventually follow a weekly yoga routine for what he called “this old, arthritic body.” He said he’d like to drag some Nuggets players to the studio as well.

Sakr and Knight plan to open other locations.