coffman Coffman Defeats Miklosi, Retains Seat Despite Redistricting

(credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) – Rep. Mike Coffman has retained his seat in Colorado’s Congressional District 6 after a hard fought political battle with Democratic challenger Joe Miklosi.

The race featured numerous attack ads against Coffman, a Republican, many for what the ads claimed were his conservative positions on women’s issues.

Coffman’s team celebrated his win on Election Night in Arapahoe County, a swing county in the swing state of Colorado.

Coffman’s district now includes all of the city of Aurora, which means it is a much larger mix of left leaning and right leaning voters than previously.

“It is a very different district, with a very different set of issues, and I think that that is going to be reflective of a different focus in terms of what I look at,” Coffman told CBS4 after giving his victory speech.

mike coffman1 Coffman Defeats Miklosi, Retains Seat Despite Redistricting

Rep. Mike Coffman speaks with CBS4’s Rick Sallinger on Election Night. (credit: CBS)

Miklosi’s campaign sent CBS4 a statement just after 1 a.m. on Wednesday congratulating Coffman and wishing “him and the next Congress success to solve our nation’s most pressing problems.”


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