BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– There is mixed reaction from voters in Boulder about a display outside a polling location. The location is a Catholic church that features an anti-abortion display outside.

Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church is located at 6739 South Boulder Road in Boulder. It’s also a polling place for voters on election day.

Outside the church is a display that features more than 3,000 white crosses and a sign claiming, “3,300 Abortions Daily in the USA.”

Judd Golden of the ACLU said the display near a polling place is offensive.

“No voter should have to make a moral judgement about whether to enter her polling place on election day,” said Golden.

The Boulder Election Commission said it was last spring when the church staff signed a contract to be a polling location.

At that time there was no mention of crosses. In fact, the commission said it was told on Friday that the display would not be coming down before election day.

Voters have mixed reaction to the display.

“It absolutely is okay because this is a church that happens to be a polling place,” said one voter.

When asked whether the display could impact someone’s voting choices, another voter responded, “I can’t imagine, ever.”

Voters who were bothered did have the option of casting their ballot elsewhere in the city.

Boulder Election officials said this is likely the last year for the church to be a polling place.

The priest at Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church had no comment on the decision to keep the crosses up during election day.


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