DENVER (CBS4) – A rally against fracking was held in Denver’s Civic Center Park Tuesday afternoon.

Fracking is the technique used to pull gas and oil from rocks thousands of feet below the earth’s surface. Environmental groups, including some well-known celebrities want it stopped in Colorado.

Backers say the goal of the rally was to draw attention to the dangers of fracking and call for a plan to move Colorado away from natural gas and toward a renewable energy economy.

Opponents of fracking say the technique has been done for years in Colorado, bringing thousands of jobs and billions of dollars. They also say, when done safely, it doesn’t pose harm to the environment or water supply.

Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers, actresses Daryl Hannah and Mariel Hemingway and others were among the celebrities who attended the rally.

“Attacking the earth and pounding on the earth to create gas that we actually don’t need, it’s just, it’s insane to me. It’s actually absurd,” Hemingway said. “Why wouldn’t you come out? It’s just the wrong thing to do.”

There was also a group of Denver businesses that supported the event and cause.


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