DENVER (CBS4)– A software problem caused a real glitch for travelers at Denver International Airport Friday morning. It caused some delays with security wait times.

The trains that take passengers from the main terminal to their gates were stopped briefly at about 7:30 a.m. Friday, likely because of a software problem.

Passengers were funneled through one security checkpoint at Concourse A and some were bused to their concourses until the trains were able to start running normally again.

Emily Rose and her twin daughters camped out at the terminal for eight hours after the train delay caused them to miss their flight.

“We saw our plane at the gate, got to the elevator and arrived and our plane was actually pulling away,” said Rose. “I cried because these guys are over tired.”

Wait times at security reached about an hour and a half Friday morning which caused some people to miss their flights.

The trains were kept running manually for a time but they weren’t able to run as fast, and couldn’t move as many passengers as they normally do.

Some people were bused to the B and C concourses.

At 8:45 a.m. the train system was again operating automatically with four trains, normal operations are five trains. Each train has four cars.

DIA is investigating the computer issue.

“We are looking into the computer issue. We suspect that it might be a software issue and we really are looking into it to find out what caused that problem,”said DIA spokeswoman Laura Coale.

Because they don’t know what caused the problem, Coale said they are not certain on how to prevent that from happening again.

DIA is the fifth-busiest in North America.


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