DENVER (CBS4) – Wednesday night’s presidential debate in Denver was largely aimed at all those undecided voters who are left.

How much did the debate at the University of Denver affect their big decision? CBS4 set to find out by putting together a panel of some voters in Colorado who hadn’t yet picked a candidate. Five randomly selected voters watched the debate at CBS4’s studios.

All of the undecided voters in CBS4’s panel said they were impressed with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

“I think Romney had a better debate, but I’m still not 100 percent sure on everything he said,” said Anthony DeMusis.

Jennifer Noonan said she liked what the President Barack Obama had to say, but was impressed with Romney’s health care arguments. She also said the president appeared a little bit “off his game.”

“Typically he appears more confident and I didn’t see that tonight. I saw him looking down quite a bit and kind of repeating himself and maybe not getting his thoughts out as clearly as I would have expected,” Noonan said.

After the debate, the five undecided voters were still not ready to commit to to either candidate.

Business owner Arvino Singh compared the debate to a football game.

“President Obama actually was playing defense, but it’s the first quarter of the game and you’ve got three more quarters to go, and we’ll see how it ends in the final,” Singh said.

Now with just weeks to go these undecided voters say they are more undecided than ever. And it may be Election Day before they make up their minds.

“I was leaning towards Obama but now I feel like I’m right back in the center again,” DeMusis said.

PHOTO GALLERY: Debate Images | Preparing For The Denver Debate


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