LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – Empty chairs hanging from trees have been seen in several different areas across the country and a concerned viewer called CBS4 after finding one in her neighborhood in Loveland.

“I could cry, I think it’s so intimidating,” a Loveland resident said.

Neighbors in Loveland call it offensive. They say the chair hanging from a tree limb is beyond being just an attack on President Barack Obama.

“It symbolizes a lynching; a symbolic lynching,” the woman said.

The yard and the chair belong to Dennis Jacobsen. He says the chair has been hanging in his yard for more than a week.

“They’re making more out of it than it is,” Jacobsen said.

Clint Eastwood’s speech to an imaginary President Obama was the highlight of the Republican National Convention. Since then hanging chairs have appeared in Texas, Virginia, and now Colorado. Critics say they’re racist with the chair representing a black president hanging at the end of a rope. For some, it brings back the darkest chapters of the civil rights movement.

“I think it’s; I don’t even know what the words would be. I think it’s a hate crime,” Loveland resident Barbara Kellerher said.

“It’s not intended. There’s no reason to do that,” Jacobsen said.

Jacobsen says he thought the chair would be stolen if he didn’t hang it from the tree. He has no plans to take it down.

Jacobsen says his chair is not meant as a threat to the president. The Secret Service looked into a similar protest in Texas and also found no credible threat.

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    This post reminds me of something Kat Williams said when people were hanging ropes from trees and on people’s door knobs. He pretty much said people ain’t scared of rope! You don’t seen gang bangers lining up bullets on the sidewalk to intimidate! The people who think of stuff like this are too scared to come right out and say what they think, believe or feel because they are ashamed deep down inside by that hate in their heart that allows satan to have a foothold on them. And just like the word “nigga”, words and actions only have weight if you give them weight. I thought this was HILARIOUS when I saw it and my husband is part Black! Until the people hanging “chairs” from trees start trying to hang people I’m not concerned. Posting pictures, writing blogs and saying how outraged we are only gives these spineless and hateful people ammuntion because they know they had an effect on people. Hahahaha is what my husband and I will do to this. If we see this in Colorado we’re bound to paint the chair black, brown and yellow just to have another laugh at it! hahahahaha