AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Neighbors describe a man who has been liked to a missing woman and is the subject of a nationwide man hunt as “giving them the creeps.”

Bertha Garcia was last seen over the weekend. Police found a body near her home on Monday. They have not confirmed whether the body found is that of Garcia.

Garcia, 23, vanished from the 1900 block of Paris Street early Sunday morning.

Police thought she may have been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend, German Medina, 32.

Bertha Garcia (credit: Aurora Police Department)

Police surrounded Medina’s apartment on Tuesday afternoon and made it part of an active crime investigation.

Medina lived in the apartment with his two brothers, according to neighbor Jessica Dibenedetto. She also said he drank heavily and had a disturbing trademark.

“He always carried a long knife on him. He always kind of gave me a weird vibe. When I found out what happened it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up,” said Dibenedetto.

She said she had a strange encounter with Medina a few months agao.

“He’d walk past me then look at me and come near us. He did that about three times so I ended up getting the creeps from it and calling my fiance outside,” said Dibenedetto.

Police in Aurora said Medina is an undocumented immigrant with no previous record. Detectives don’t know where he is but said he has family in California and Mexico.

“He had plenty of time to flee to California or Mexico or anywhere else in the country. All those are real possibilities,” said Aurora Police spokesman Frank Fania.

Police said an autopsy was scheduled for Tuesday at 1 p.m. for the body. They were hoping to release an identity later in the day but it was pushed back to at least Wednesday.


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