LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – One of Mitt Romney’s sons was campaigning for his father in Colorado on Tuesday.

Craig Romney visited the Jefferson County Victory Office of the Romney campaign. He came to Colorado along with Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador to take part in a Hispanic small business dialogue in Lakewood. It was an opportunity for Romney to hear directly from the community and relay the message to his father.

“Colorado obviously is a toss-up right now,” Romney told CBS4’s Jeff Todd. “From what we can tell it’s going to come down to the wire, so we want to make sure and get the word out. Want to make sure people know what kind of a person my dad is.”

Romney said he spent a couple of years living in Chile and learned how to speak Spanish.

“I’ve been kind of the ambassador for my dad on that front,” he said.

The youngest Romney says it’s his job hear from voters and take their concerns back to his father.

“My dad has been a real champion for small businesses. He understands that small businesses are really the engine that drives the economy and he wants to make sure they have all the tools to succeed.”

But Romney, who admits he’s not much of a policy expert, has the daunting task of trying to pick up votes from the Hispanic community that in most polls is vastly in favor of President Obama.

“My dad has a plan to get the economy back on track and get those 23 million Americans who are out of a job back to work,” he said. “That resonates with everyone, whether they’ve been here for a long time or just moved to this country.”

A Latino member of Tuesday’s event told CBS4 he’s been contacted by the Romney camp to drum up support. But he said what he wants to hear first is true solutions from the candidate about real issues, like true comprehensive immigration reform.


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