DENVER (CBS4) – Some are calling Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech the best of his political career. Now he’s hoping the address will give him a boost in the polls.

Colorado Republicans probably feel better about their choice of Romney than they did during the primary. It’s too early to tell if he was able to sway independent voters, but analysts think while Romney’s speech was one of his finest, he may not have done much to move the needle.

Romney’s Colorado campaign office says enthusiasm is high.

“We’ve gotten great feedback out of last night so far. So we’re looking forward to driving that home,” Ellie Wallace with Romney for Colorado said.

Thursday night wasn’t perfect, however. The talk at water coolers across the country was about the rambling and unconventional speech from Clint Eastwood. The last night of the convention should have left the country talking about the nominee.

Political analysts say Romney didn’t damage himself, but didn’t gain much either.

“I would measure it as a qualified success. Not a home run, but probably better than a single,” political analyst Eric Sondermann said.

Sondermann says the Romney campaign proved the former governor is likeable enough. Polls have Romney and President Obama locked in a stalemate. Sondermann believes neither are likely to get big boosts from the conventions.

“Instead of looking for five-point bounces, you’re probably looking for 5/10th of a point bounces,” Sondermann said. “A half a point or a point or a point and a half in one direction or another is huge movement in this age.”

Democrats say women, Latinos. and young voters will decide Colorado. They say Romney did nothing to sway that group.

“The bump Mitt Romney is going to get from his convention is not going to close the gap between these important constituencies,” , Colorado Democratic Party Chair Rick Pallacio said.

Romney’s campaign says support in Colorado is growing. The consensus is that actual campaign stops may be what it takes to win Colorado.

“It’s incredibly important. We love having the candidates out here and we appreciate having them here,” Wallace said.

Republicans made their convention all about Romney. Analysts say expect more of the same at the Democratic National Convention as well. They say Democrats will call Romney out-of-touch.

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