CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4) – A huge raffle prize was unwrapped at a school in Douglas County on Tuesday, and the students couldn’t believe what — or who — was inside.

All 600 students at Sage Canyon Elementary School were there to see the unwrapping, but the prize was meant for just three siblings.

Every month Sage Canyon Elementary school has an assembly. Tuesday’s was the first of the year. When the bell rang Colton and Oakleigh Rose went to gather in the school gymnasium to see who won this month’s raffle.

Colton and Oakleigh’s mother helped organize the raffle and provided the prize. She said it was hard finding a box large enough.

“It was really hard. Little did you know? I called a million places,” she said.

The principal drew the winners’ names and it just happened that the Rose siblings were the lucky ones. Even their younger sister got to share in the prize. It was a big package to unwrap and the item inside was moving. When they got the top of the package unwrapped, Lt. Col. Herb Rose popped out.

“Daddy! Daddy!,” the Rose kids screamed.

Rose is back from a six-month deployment in the Middle East.

“That was great. I think they were a little shocked. I don’t know if they knew what to expect out of that,” Rose said.

“I thought it was like a bouncy castle,” Colton said.

For the student body there may never be another assembly to equal that one. And for the Rose children there will definitely not be a sweeter surprise this school year.

Rose plans to retire from the military Oct. 1.


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