DENVER (CBS4) – It was a fight involving two men and a parking space in Highlands Ranch, and now there are claims the CIA wants to end the case before it gets to the courtroom.

Raymond Davis is scheduled to go on trial on assault charges in Douglas County next month. He is the CIA contractor who was held in a Pakistan jail for nearly two months last year. He killed two Pakistani men in what he said was self defense.

The attorney for the victim in the case involving the parking space claims the CIA is now getting involved.

The district attorney’s office adamantly denies it, but the lawyer based in Los Angeles for the alleged victim in the case, Jeff Maes, says the district attorney wants to downgrade the charges against Davis, or perhaps reach a plea deal and believes it’s at the request of the CIA.

After nearly two months in a jail in Pakistan, Davis was freed when some $2 million in so called blood money to the victim’s families was paid for his release. Davis was then acquitted of the murder charges.

“They want to keep out of the public realm exactly who Raymond Davis is,” Maes’ attorney Larry Klayman said.

Davis’ exact role in Pakistan was never made clear. He became the subject of numerous protests and frayed diplomatic relations.

Several months after Davis was free he got into a fight with Maes. Felony charges were filed after it was determined Maes suffered serious injuries.

“My injuries occurred as a result of the assault on Oct. 1.,” Maes said. “I had a lower back prior injury, but not thoracic and the vertebrae in my neck.”

A letter from Maes’ doctor states the injuries were from the fight. It was sent to the district attorney. It’s meant to refute claims by an expert hired by Davis’ side that some of the injuries were pre-existing.

“For the federal government to be pressuring the state to let Davis off light would not only be unfair and not only manifest injustice, I think it would amount to an obstruction of justice under these circumstances,” Klayman said.

Davis’ lawyer told CBS4 he doubts Klayman can substantiate his claims that the CIA is getting involved. The district attorney’s office insists the CIA has not made any attempt to influence any decision in the case or has even contacted them.