DENVER (CBS4) – A teenager who lost her mother in a deadly crash on Interstate 25 last year told the court how much she misses her mom. She told her story during the sentencing for the woman convicted of causing the deadly head-on collision.

“I had my life as I knew it taken away from me on May 14th,” said the victim’s daughter, Dyrah Duncan.

Victoria Barry was sentenced to 10 years in prison followed by five years of parole on Wednesday. Barry, 28, had been convicted of vehicular homicide, DUI and assault in June. The sentences for those convictions will be served concurrently.

Prosecutors claim Barry was drunk when she drove south in the northbound lanes of I-25 on May 14, 2011. She smashed into two vehicles near Downing Street.

Lily Duncan, 31, of Colorado Springs was in one of those cars and was killed.

Before she was sentenced, Barry said she hoped her bad decision would serve as a lesson to others.

“Regardless of what your sentence is for me today I’m going to suffer for the rest of my life,” said Barry.

But she did not say she was sorry to the court even after hearing how the incident changed the lives of the victim’s family.

“I’m not sorry for you because you’re the one that ruined my life,” said Dyrah.

The victim’s family had urged the judge to hand down the maximum sentence.

“I would have actually preferred the maximum sentence but justice was served,” said Duncan’s mother Diana Smith.

Barry’s family members who attended the sentencing left the courtroom in silence after the judge handed down the sentence. They didn’t get to say goodbye to her before she was handcuffed and taken away.

Dyrah plans to make the most out of her life and remember the time she was able to spend with her mother.

“Just because one person dies in your life doesn’t mean that you can stop living,” said Dyrah.


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