AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – He’s being called “The Miracle Baby” of the theater shootings. Hugo Medley was born this week in the same hospital where his father remains in intensive care.

Hugo’s mother, Katie Medley, said their baby is keeping her strong. His father, Caleb, was shot in the eye and is now heavily sedated in intensive care.

Baby Hugo was born Tuesday. Katie says they brought him into Caleb’s room. Hugo cried a little, but that’s what they wanted so Caleb would hear his little boy’s voice for the first time.

Meanwhile, Katie is showing strength everyone can admire.

“I thought my husband was dead. That coming back from that is what gives me strength,” she said. “That he’s alive and the fact that he’s fighting so hard to get to us is what’s making me strong.”

Katie and Hugo are no longer patients, but the hospital is letting them stay so they can be close to Caleb.


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