AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – An expecting couple was in the theater when the shots rang out and say they are lucky to be alive after a man entered an Aurora movie theater and began shooting people.

Bryson Billapando watched it all unfold before his eyes.

“All of a sudden the side entrance door opens up and someone comes through,” Billapando said. “I saw him fire in to the crowd and I saw the entire thing.”

His first thought was protecting his pregnant wife.

“Just save my family and do anything I could to save my unborn child; and I wish I could have done more because there were two families that had brought their kids in car seats.”

Billapando wasn’t hurt and his wife walked away with minor scratches, but their group of friends is suffering.

“One of my friends had both her femurs broken. Another friend — serious damage to her hand. Another got shot got, hit in the face, pellets went through her face and broke teeth and stuff. Another one was hit in the knee cap,” he said.

The couple left Swedish Medical Center Friday afternoon ready to visit all of their friends.

Thinking back to the morning’s massacre Billapando remembers exactly what he saw.

“We were passing dead bodies and people were falling over and there was blood everywhere.”

While news of who the gunman is started to unfold, Billapando says he isn’t interested in hearing an explanation.

“It just makes me so angry, it really does, and I don’t even want to know why. Whatever he says wouldn’t be worth it.”

What he does want is to put the whole ordeal behind him.

“Cry, yell or punch something. Do whatever it takes, we’ve got to start healing.”

The couple’s young daughter was staying at her grandmother’s house while they attended the movie. After visiting all of his injured friends at various hospitals, Billapando said all he wanted to do was to go hug his daughter.


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