(credit: Aurora Police)

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Aurora and Denver hope surveillance video will lead them to a brazen robber who has them very concerned.

The man, who is being called the “Waistline Bandit,” has hit at least eight businesses in Denver and Aurora so far.

Investigators gave him the “Waistline” name because he lifts his shirt up and shows clerks a gun in his waistband. He usually targets Subways, Radio Shack or video game stores.

The reason police are so worried is he doesn’t seem to care how long he stays in the store or how many pictures of him are taken.

“That kind of has us concerned,” Aurora Police Officer Frank Fania said. “That’s rare. You don’t see that too often where a robber goes in and does this many robberies in Denver and Aurora and takes no measures to hide his identity.”

Police believe the man actually started his crime spree in Austin, Texas, and he hit a place in Colorado Springs before arriving in the Denver metro area. That leads them to believe he could be on the move shortly.


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