DENVER (CBS4)– Republicans and Democrats agree that something needs to be done about job growth but disagree on how that will be accomplished. Both weigh in on the latest political ads making waves on TV.

A new ad attacks President Obama’s record on jobs. The 30-second spot by Crossroads GPS called “Excuses” is being seen in key swing states.

The ad is airing in Colorado, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Iowa, Ohio and Virginia.

Crossroads said it’s the beginning of a $25 million wave of ads that will run until each party’s convention.

“The economy and unemployment is the centerpiece of any race in Colorado and the national level,” said Republican State Senate Candidate Lang Sias.

The Department of Labor job growth statistics show stagnant growth in the economy.

Sias calls the new ad on point, “I think it’s certainly fair game and I would expect that we will see ads on both sides from now until election day.”

“During the Bennet/Buck race, Colorado was the beneficiary of the largest flux of any other state. We’re on track for that,” said Colorado Democrat Party Chair Rick Palacio.

Palacio calls the new attack ad an attempt to distort the president’s record. Liberal political action committees will funnel money to Colorado as well, but how much is unknown.

Palacio believes at the current pace, the political ads will lose their punch, “We’ve started out so early with the ads like this that it’s going to be before the end of the summer that people start to tune out.”

Political analysts say in order to keep the attention of voters the attack ads will likely get sharper and more personal. Both parties believe winning Colorado critical to their national efforts.


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