DENVER (CBS4)– A man who was arrested four months after a deadly hit and run may have wanted to turn himself in to police earlier.

Paul Estrada Jr. is being held for investigation for failure to report an accident. Those who know Estrada, 62, believe there is more to the story.

James Garcia, 31, died after being hit in the evening of Feb. 20 while crossing Sheridan Boulevard at West Colfax Avenue.

Police found the car in the case several months ago.

“The vehicle was recovered approximately two months ago, it has been recovered and processed,” said Denver Police Detective Raquel Lopez.

paul estrada Deadly Hit & Run Suspect May Have Wanted To Stop After Crash

Paul Estrada Jr. (credit: Denver Police Department)

Police in Denver investigating the deadly hit and run won’t comment on the details uncovered by CBS 4 On Your Side Investigator Rick Sallinger.

Estrada’s ex-wife said there was another person in the van that night, a woman. She also said it’s not clear who was driving.

Bounty Hunter William Ellenburg showed Sallinger video of what he claims is Estrada’s arrest.

“The cars you’re seeing pulling up are detectives pulling up in cars. They’re actually pulling up to put Mr. Estrada in custody,” said Ellenburg.

Ellenburg said he remembers the interview with Garcia’s family as police searched for the driver in the hit and run crash.

“I remember the interview with the family and the family wanted closure. Nobody had come forward and my thing was if it was my loved one, I would want the same thing,” said Ellenburg.

At the time of the accident a GMC grill was left in the street. Police quickly identified as it belonging to a white van.

Ellensburg and others said they knew that’s what Estrada drove.

“I pieced it together. He used to have a white van. I didn’t see the white van anymore. He was driving a truck,” said Ellensburg.

He said Estrada told others he was involved in the accident and wanted to turn himself in. So, Ellensburg arranged for Estrada to meet him at the Denny’s on Federal in the pretense that he could quickly be released on bail.

“He said he was tired of running and wanted to turn himself in to a bondsman. He didn’t want police to catch him. He was afraid they would hurt him,” said Ellensburg.

Estrada’s ex-wife said she was told that Estrada wanted to stop after the accident but the woman in the car with him jumped out and then called him and told him to leave the area.


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