DENVER (CBS4)– Police believe the man behind the wheel of a speeding SUV that killed a college student and then took off was Andrew Simpson. Neighbors watched as police hauled away his vehicle.

“The grill was broken, there was some paint missing, damage to the hood,” said Simpson’s neighbor Wayne Gardner.

Officers arrested Simpson, 45, at a home in Aurora late Monday. Detectives believe he is the man who drove over Masoud Bahramisharif on May 31 as the University of Denver graduate student was walking his bicycle across the intersection of University and Evans.

Police in Aurora received a tip and raided the apartment complex on Hanover Street. Officers arrested Simpson.

When asked if Simpson’s vehicle looked as though he hit someone, Gardner replied, “Oh, yeah.”

Bahramisharif was walking his bicycle in the crosswalk at University and Evans when he was struck. Flowers and stuffed animals display a makeshift memorial near that spot.

Police said they are confident they’ve found the suspected SUV driver and vehicle.

“As they were examining it, they became quite convinced we had found the right vehicle,” said Denver Police Sgt. Michael Farr.

Simpson has had several drug arrests. His former roommate said despite the drugs, Simpson is a decent person.

“It’s hard to believe because inside he’s a good person. One of the best people I’ve known for a long time,” said Simpson’s friend Edward Goodwin.

DU student Bill Hielscher saw the hit and run happen. He said the arrest has given students some closure but he has little sympathy for the man behind the wheel.

“If you can’t even stop after you hit someone and keep going, there’s a problem with that and he deserves what’s coming to him,” said Hielscher.


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