DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil might have one of the most frustrating jobs at the Broncos headquarters right now. His job is to get to the quarterback, but he can’t touch Peyton Manning.

A lot of fans have been wondering if Manning will be able to take a hit, but the way he gets rid of the ball he doesn’t give defenders a chance to hit him, and Dumervil has noticed.

“I’ve played against Peyton a couple times throughout my career and it has been extremely difficult to get to him. I haven’t sacked him. I’ve had a couple of hits,” Dumervil told CBS4’s Vic Lombardi on Xfinity Monday Live. “His release is extremely quick and having that type of quarterback in practice and having to practice against that will help us in the game.”

A lot of people think of Manning as a quarterback who always throws deep, but in reality his offense is based on timing 10 to 15-yard patterns.

“Another thing is we have a good offensive line. Ryan Clady is the anchor of that and Chris Kuper when he gets back healthy; Orlando Franklin had a great year last year,” Dumervil said. “So (Manning) has good offensive linemen.”

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In the offseason John Elway brought in a few more defensive backs. When the defensive backfield is loaded up, that just makes the defensive line’s job a little easier.

“Without coverage there is no rush, so it works hand in hand. So having those guys back there covering and we’ve had Champ Bailey throughout my career who has been tremendous for us, and now to give him some help, it’s been big.”

The Broncos have gone through seven defensive coordinators in the last seven years. The new coordinator this year is proven former head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jack Del Rio.

“He’s a players’ coach. He’s cool but he’s feisty and all in one. He’s has a great balance and he knows how to get the best out of guys. So we’re privileged to have him on staff and it’s exciting.”

It’s not clear if Del Rio will shake up the defensive scheme just yet.

“We’re still in the learning process, so haven’t got to that point yet. But it has been tremendous and it has been fun. Guys are excited and we’re flying around. So that’s what you need to do on defense is fly around and have fun.”

Dumervil said he’s not sure if his role will change at all under Del Rio.

The Broncos full-team mandatory mini-camp runs June 12-14.

Watch more of the video with Elvis Dumervil in the Xfinity Monday Live section.

– By Matthew J. Buettner,


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