DENVER (CBS4)– Pope Benedict XVI has named Samuel Aquila as the new Archbishop of Denver. If he’s confirmed, he’ll be coming back to Denver where he was ordained.

Aquila is well-known in the Denver metro area. The Archbishop-designate was a pastor in the city in the early 80s, serving 11 years in different parishes.

Aquila is an old friend to many in the region. He will pick up where Archbishop Charles Chaput left off. Chaput left Denver in September 2011 to take over the troubled Philadelphia Archdiocese.

Both men are conservatives.

“My motto is Mary’s last spoken words in the Gospel of John ‘Do whatever He tells you,'” said Aquila.

He also talked about seeking forgiveness in priest sexual abuse cases, “It is forgiving the person and not condoning the act.” and the role of women in the church, “There are certain things that only women can do and there are certain things only men can do… That includes being a priest.”

Aquila also takes traditional views of the church, “I do not believe priests should marry.”

When asked how he would characterize himself, he replied, “I would characterize myself as being deeply in love with Christ.”

Aguila plans to spread that love in the community as Christ’s disciple when he officially takes over the Denver Archdiocese in mid-July. He is scheduled to be installed as the new Archbishop of Denver July 18.

He traveled back to Fargo, North Dakota on Wednesday where he had been the Bishop.


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