ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A charter school in Adams County says it has broken up a “fight club” involving elementary and middle school aged students.

Fight clubs are becoming more common, but they usually involve older children.

The Internet is filled with the disturbing fight videos. One is entitled “What Goes Down In Denver.” They may be spontaneous brawls or loosely organized clubs. That’s what they found at the Ricardo Flores Magon Academy in Adams County.

“Fight clubs, they are calling them fight clubs,” board chairman Virginia Longoria said. “Kids are getting together and daring each other to fight each other.”

“They all admitted to planning it. Some of them admitted to actually physically fighting,” interim head of school Marcelino Casias said.

While there was no video found from the school, such fights are often recorded on cellphones and forwarded to specially designated websites.

At the academy in Adams County students have been placed on an in-school suspension.

“Our kids understand that it is not going to be tolerated, and it is not good and violence is not going to be something that we support,” Longoria said.

“Actually they have been taking bullying classes for the last two weeks,” Casias said. “We take it very seriously.”

While the school insists no one was hurt parents told CBS4 spoke with said children came home with cuts, bruises, and scrapes from the fighting.


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