CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) – A former Colorado sheriff who acknowledged trading methamphetamine for sex was released from jail Saturday.

Patrick Sullivan, 69, was released after spending about two and a half weeks in the Arapahoe County jail, current Sheriff Grayson Robinson said. Sullivan was sentenced April 3 to 38 days in jail, with credit for eight days already served, and two years of probation for felony possession of methamphetamine and a misdemeanor count of solicitation for prostitution.

Robinson said Sullivan was released after 18 days because he complied with jail rules and didn’t commit any additional crimes. He said the “good-time computation” on the sentence is extended to all inmates.

Sullivan, who was Arapahoe County sheriff from 1984 until 2002, was arrested after a sting operation last year in which investigators say he offered methamphetamine to a man in exchange for sex. He was held in a jail that was once named after him.

Charges of distribution of methamphetamine and attempting to influence a public servant were dismissed, and Sullivan apologized in court for what he called his inexcusable behavior.

“I plan to seek forgiveness from those I have harmed,” he said at his sentencing hearing. “I want to move forward in my life in a positive direction.”

Last month, a man accused of supplying meth to Sullivan was sentenced to three years in prison.

Timothy Faase pleaded guilty to possessing more than 2 grams of a controlled substance. He was arrested after police followed Sullivan to his home.

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